Graphite is configured by the configuration DSL during initialization. For example:

public class Global : HttpApplication
    protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
        var configuration = GlobalConfiguration.Configuration;

        configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c


The only required configuration is specifying the IoC container to use.

The configuration DSL will be covered briefly below but in more detail in following sections.

Handler/Action Assemblies

At startup, Graphite scans assemblies for handlers and actions. The currently executing assembly is automatically configured as an assembly to scan. You can add more assemblies as follows:

configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c
    .IncludeAssemblies(typeof(SomeType).Assembly, ...));

Or you can clear the default assembly and then add others:

configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c


You can configure Json.NET with the ConfigureJsonNet() DSL method as follows:

configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c
    .ConfigureJsonNet(s => s...));

The configuration is registered in the IoC container so can be taken as a dependency.


The diagnostics page can be enabled in a few different ways. One way is to enable it when an assembly is in debug mode:

configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c

The first enables the diagnostics page when the calling assembly is in debug mode and the second when the specified type’s assembly is.

The diagnostics page url can also be overridden as follows (the default is _graphite):

configuration.InitializeGraphite(c => c

Http Methods

By default Graphite supports the following HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, HEAD, TRACE and CONNECT. When Graphite scans handler types for actions, it looks for methods matching the naming convention specified by the HTTP method. The default convention is the action method name starting with the pascal cased HTTP method (e.g. ^Get, ^Post, etc).

In progress…

  • WithDownloadBufferSizeOf
  • DisableMetrics
  • WithUnhandledExceptionStatusText
  • DisableDefaultErrorHandler
  • UseContainer
  • UseContainer
  • WithInitializer
  • WithTypeCache
  • WithActionInvoker
  • WithBehaviorChainInvoker
  • WithInvokerBehavior

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